My Supplier Page is a one-stop destination for supplying and procuring electronic components, metal components, plastic & rubber manufacturing supplies, helping connect buyers in the manufacturing community with the respective suppliers. The global B2B online portal is especially designed for engineers and procurement professionals worldwide to make component sourcing easy and save business time.

Global Sourcing

Locate hard-to-find or even obsolete components and source them from anywhere in the world.

All Manufacturing Supplies

Procure off-the-shelf supplies including custom plastic, metal assemblies, rubber supplies, etc.

Live Part Search

Search by manufacturer part numbers to find component prices & stock listed by distributors.

Price Comparison

Compare component pricing & get more room for profits through manufacturer-direct pricing

About Us

Who we are

My Supplier Page started with the vision to address the problems arising in component sourcing and bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers. The association of purchasing agents, buyers and procurement professionals allows for parts searches in our database and access to a number of advanced sourcing capabilities. Our online portal thus connects buyers in the contract manufacturing business and institution to access suppliers directly, without the hassle of browsing and searching through search engines.   Know More