How To Persuade Your Leaders About The Importance Of Digital Transformation?

How To Persuade Your Leaders About The Importance Of Digital Transformation?


Digital transformation is now a matter of survival for many companies today. However, many of such companies still have difficulties to advocate the importance of innovation to their leaders, in a clear and objective way.

According to a Forbes survey, to make digital transformation happen and be successful, all managers in the organization must be engaged and updated on technological advances, as well as aware of the impact that some solutions can bring to corporate processes.

In this post, we have selected 3 tips to submit good arguments to your company’s board.

3 strengths of digitization that can persuade your leaders

1 – The numbers speak for themselves

There are a variety of technologies and business models that are leveraged by digital transformation. There are also several surveys and interviews with executives who are experiencing this digitization and can prove the importance of ‘surfing’ the 4.0 wave.

To persuade the leaders of your company, it’s no use talking about technical names and new trends, because they won’t probably understand the jargon. Actually, managers want to know about business results; therefore, always come up with numbers, to make it easier to see the evolution and glimpse the benefits of digitization.

In short, don’t attempt to explain technologies or digitization, but rather the positive impacts they can have on business.

2 – Tough competition

With the advent of so many technologies, companies cannot turn a blind eye and pretend they are not seeing the fast growth of their competitors.

As stated above, digitization is currently a matter of survival.

With that in mind, leaders must know what technologies and processes their competitors are using to gain a larger market share, achieve better results and be more effective.

Therefore, it’s advisable to take a detailed analysis of competitors’ businesses with you, to help in the decision-making process.

3 – Quick and accurate decisions

This can be your winning card if the leaders are still unwilling to accept digitization. When addressing this subject, make it clear that the use of technologies will result in data and information that make decision-making easier, faster, smarter and more strategic.

When used correctly, data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help and orient business decisions, thus leveraging business, creating innovation and ideas for new products or services, and optimizing operating expenses, along with a host of other benefits.

With these three factors addressed in a correct fashion, there is no denying the digital transformation. Probably some managers will need training to experience change correctly. However, these are details that can be easily settled after technology has been accepted as part of the business.

It’s important to keep in mind that digital transformation means not only process change, but also people transformation.

When your directors are ready, it will be time to familiarize employees with the new organizational culture. 

So, have you any further questions about how to persuade your company’s directors about the importance of digitization? Give your opinion in the comments!