Printed Circuits In The Medical Sector

Printed Circuits In The Medical Sector


Printed circuit boards have become critically important in all sectors, and especially in the electromedical sector that continues to advance by leaps and bounds.
Innovation promotes the evolution of many sectors, and all technological innovation is preceded by printed circuit boards that must guarantee the standards for the correct operation of the tool. One of the technologies that continues to grow is electromedicine, and that is why safety standards must be very high so that they have high reliability and durability.
The trend in electromedical devices is smaller products with a higher component density. It is important that designers take into account different variables in their arrangement, length, heat dissipation, traces, etc ... so that the margins of error are minimal. It should also be noted that this type of device requires plates with greater flexibility both in design and production.


Here are some simple rules that can help with your design and development task:


  • Components. SMTs have become the most widely used for electronic applications because they allow the use of smaller components, thus reducing the size of the PCB. In addition, itsassembly usually reduces costs since it is not necessary to make holes.

  • Materials . The application of this type of circuits in the health sector makes the choice of materials and substrates go through a much more in-depth analysis, where they mustcontain the following:compliance with RoHSregulations;maximum service temperature, connectivity options; and availability of RF signals and / or high frequency signals.

  • Longevity. It is important to take into account the obsolescence of the components involvedin the circuit. Designers must collaborate with manufacturers and suppliers to avoid apremature end. If this happens and the diagram must be modified, it must go through thehomologation again.

  • Maintenance . Access to connectors should be easy so that maintenance personnel canquickly access them. This affects the layout of component placement, PCB layout, orrouting